Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nangma Valley Kanday ,Amin Brakk,

Nangma Valley Kanday ,
In the Baltistan Nangma Valley ,Is one of the Rock Climbing Area of the Karakoram 
Range and best excellent area ranging from moderate to hight altitude rock climbing including
Famous Amin Brakk 5850m
This brakk is just alike the belly of pregnant women which is thick from its middle and comparatively thin from its top and bottom.  

This Brakk is situated at hardly distance of three hours ascend travelling from my home town ( Kanday ) The valley where it is located is well known as Nangma Valley .Indeed this is one of charming  and easy  routed Brakk up to its base camp with a little hard work is to be needed to climb it up due its complete rocky attribute, but due to lake of awareness few climbers visited till date.

There also anther peaks the peak name called (k,6, k,7)(Great Tower 5600m)First Ascent was in 2001 by American ,In 2004 Austrian and Slovenian,Amin Brakk and Shingu Chatpa,which both contain hundreds of beautiful granite spires. Most of the rock within Nangma valley is either granite,gneiss,or Schist .
However, the predominant rock type is granitite couloirs the dog -Legs left parallel to the face and the routes follow this to a small saddle and Camp one, and there lots of it.

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