Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bondit Peak

Bondid Valley Descripotion: The Bondid Valley is Situated in kanday valley ,which is the part of District Ghanche in the heart of karakoram,Gilgit -Skardu Baltistan region of Pakistan.The Bondid valley extend to the west of kanday village in the heart of karakoram,opposite the well-known Nangma valley and great view point Bondid Top.
Bondid valley offers nice options for climbing and trekking for those who want to do a small trip or expedition for their vacation.There is best opportunity for ice climbing which heights 6500 to below 6000,with a small Glaciers name as Mounting Glaciers which is almost 16 kilometers.
The Mounting Glacier, where there is some grass and running water,Rustam peak,Bondid peak,Raju peak are the best mountains,which are charming and little challenger for the climbers ,and still unclimbed.But one would have to be in the area earlier in the season,when there is more snow and the crevasses are still closed,Rustam Brakk,on the other hand,can be climbed quite late in the season,and it appears that neighboring mountains could be climbable from May till September.
Beside the Iqbal  Top was deemed as the only place to view eight thousand meters peaks ie, k2(8611m),Broad Peak(8047m),GI(8,068) & GII(8,035M),But with the advent of this top more clear and close view of these mountains became possible .The views of other famous peak above 7000m ,& above 6000m are k6, k7, GIV,GV,Changelingsa ,Amin Brakk ,Likar Peak ,Drifika and countless of other snowcapped mountains mountains most of which and unclimbed can be made ,Enjoy the spell bounding natural beauty of this valley

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